hybrid battery refurbished

All cells in the battery pack have been tested and capacity and voltage has been matched. Some builders simply do a load test on each cell, which isn’t a complete test. Knowing the capacity of each cell and matching up 28 of them for one battery is the best way. This method increases the performance of the battery over all. When they are all matched, the battery is used more in the vehicle, which results in better MPG. We don’t just replace a few bad modules, the entire pack gets fully tested and disassembled. Replacing one cell trick is flawed. When you only replace whatever cell have failed, you end up having the ones that are on the edge fail a month down the road, forcing you to go through the painful process again.

how and why we do it

We recovery the energy capacity first, in order to prevent complete battery damage. We follow best curriculum based on the development of special tools to invigorate the battery according to real repairs that last!!